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My Chance Meeting...

Much like Steven Stapleton, I consider myself an obsessive collector of unsual music. I also have an appreciation for surreal and absurd art. For me Nurse With Wound combine these two pursuits.

I first encounted the recordings of Nurse With Wound when my collecting was branching out from 'electro-industrial' to more experimental realms. The big names in avant-garde classical and krautrock were familar to me at the time, but I never heard anything like NWW before. My first buys were Chance Meeting... (yes the cover artwork was an influence on my purchase) and Ladies Home Tickler. My initial reaction was both were lacking, sounding like someone just threw them together quickly.

Needless to say I avoided more NWW for some time afterwards. I may have gained a few more releases used but the first NWW I really liked was Large Ladies with Cake in the Oven. It was filled with surreal sounds and a great track, "Brained", that was satisfying to my 'industrial' tastes at the time. Other NWW releases have shown me that 'avant-garde' ideas can actually be made entertaining to listen to. I have since gotten almost all the NWW recordings (available on CD), with my favorites including Homotopy to Marie, Soliquy for Lilith, Sugar Fish Drink, and Rock'n Roll Station.

The legendary Nurse With Wound List is something I didn't encounter until I was well into my way collecting unusual recordings of all types (beyond Industrial). I always heard mention of this 'list' and such and such artists is on it. I had owned Chance Meeting... for years, but never played it much and so I didn't notice the CD booklet contained a tiny reproduction of the list. After I realised my oversight I was surprised to find I already owned a number of these rare recordings (thanks to a good supply of CD reissues). Even with all my research into 'underground' music, many of the names were still complete mysteries.

I then took the challenge to find out as much as I could about these artists. With the help of the internet (esp. The Audion Guide), printed sources, and suggestions from others (esp. members of the NWW Discussion List) I put together this webpage. It, like most pages, is in constant evolution, so if you have something to contribute, don't hesitate to contact me.

The focus of this website has changed a little bit over the years. At first I viewed it from the perspective of the influences of Nurse With Wound and valued the recordings based on how similar they sounded to that group. Now I try to view each group on their own merits. I also see the website as an excuse to explore all the most innovative and interesting music of the era covered by NWW List. That is the list is just a starting point or a framing device.

I understand there is some critism about making too much out of the NWW List. That it hinders discovery of quality music not on the list and generally traps you in the past. I use the list as a spring board to find out about things I would not normally encounter on my own; Starting with related artists and labels and working my way out. I am often rewarded with a totally unrelated great find by accident while researching the list. Also a number of the artists on the list have since gone on to making worthwhile releases, so there is no need to look only backwards.

As I said above I enjoy unusual music. My interest in 'industrial music' has wanned conserdably over they years and I now view it mainly as an entry point (as 'progressive' is for many others). I am not a big fan of 'krautrock' (I find most of it too self-indulgence) or 'psychedelic' music (I find that most doesn't stand on its own, without drugs). I do however, like bands that are atypical no matter what genre they are lumped into.

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