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NWW List - Artists & Recordings


The list of recommended recordings is grouped into two major subsections: NAMED and RELATED artists. The NAMED artists are those named on the Nurse With Wound List. Some artists using aliases or pseudonyms are listed under their real names. The RELATED artists are thoses with a direct connection to the artists on the NWW List. Only related artists with recordings in the 1965-80 range and musically similar to the named artists are included.

Only what I consider the most worthwhile and interesting recordings are listed for each artists. Inclusion is based on a combination of artistic and entertainment factors. There are a few artists that I haven't heard any recordings by. In most of those cases they have released only one recording, otherwise my guess is based on reputation. Almost all the artists have good recordings I haven't listed, and I encourage you to seek them out. Be advised that if you don't like the ones I've suggested, you most likely won't like the others.


The entries are formated as follows:

Artist Name

  • Title YEAR Label
  • Credited Title YEAR Label
  • see Another Artist

    Clicking the artist name will open a search menu. This will lead you to more information for your own research. If a release is credited to a different name, it will be included in the release details. The label and year are for the orginal issue in the artist's home territory. Reissues on other labels within a few years from the orginal may also be listed. If the recording wasn't released until many years later, then the label will be listed as "(unreleased)" and the year will refer to when it was recorded. Private issues are given the "(self release)" label. Any connection to another artists on this website is given at bottom of the entry.

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