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NWW List - Labels


For collectors labels can be just as important as artists. What is presented in this section is a NWW List of Labels. That is, a list of labels that have released artists named on the NWW List. This can provide a valuable aid to further investigations of the NWW List and beyond.

Self-release, private, or otherwise single artist labels are not included. Major international labels, while not very useful for collectors, are include for historical completeness. Labels specializing in reissues are given special attention in their own subsection.


The entries are formated as follows:

* Label Name

named artists: Named Artists
related artists: Related Artists
other artists: Other Artists
  • various Title YEAR Label
  • see Another Label

    A Star (*) next to the label name indicates that it is still in operation and actively releasing music in the style of the NWW List artists. The main section is a listing of the interesting artists that have been released on the label. Artists that are named on the NWW List are listed first. Second are the artists related by direct connection. Lastly, any other artists of interest are listed. If there are any compilation recordings giving a good label overview, they are listed in the next section. When there is a connection with another label on this website, it is indicated at bottom of the entry.

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