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Sometime in 2012

Recent reissues

Aug 2011

This website is moving and getting a much needed facelift. The new URL will be nwwlist.org. There is nothing there now but a placeholder. This site (tgk.konshak.org/nww) will morph into the new one, so you may notice some updates and broken links. Most notable so far is an updated Suggested Recordings page and the replacement of the "Wants" with the Missing Reissues page.

I've added a note for reissues that are available in music download stores (US only). It's not my collecting preference, but I will keep it updated as long as there is interest.

If you have any suggestions for the new site, please email me (see bottom of page).

Sometime before mid 2011

Way back Oct. 2005, Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone (on BBC6) had a NWW List feature show. Did anyone hear this ? Playlist ? happen to record it ?

From the Coptic Cat website (www.copticcat.com).

Recent and forthcomming reissues

Sad news, Conrad Schnitzler has died. See here, here, etc. for more info.

Sometime in 2010

Email from Bill Altrice of Bomis Prendin.

May 2006

Recent and forthcomming reissues

Thanks to Edouard Priet, who emailed me info on some releases and reissues I wasn't aware of.

Nov. 2005

Came across a feature article on WFMU's Blog on the NWW List written by William Bergers. So far there are four parts and the direct links are part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Sept. 2005

More Sad news, Luc Ferrari has passed away on August 22nd. Robert Moog has also passed away on the 21st of August.

Laser's Edge (www.lasercd.com) are set to release the first six recordings by the Danish group Secret Oyster.

Recent and forthcomming reissues

July 2005

Sad news, Basil Kirchin has died on the 18th of June. For more info see his links on the artists page.

Recent and forthcomming reissues

Dec. 2004

Recent and forthcomming reissues

Oct. 2004

As always many minor updates and corrections. A special thanks to Lascivia and Edward Martland for pointing out some oversights.

Recent notable mail...

From Mark from MIO Records (www.miorecords.com)

	MIO's just released two more Philippe Besombes albums on CD, 
	"Cesi est Cela" (the one that's on the NWW list) and Besombe/Rizet "Pole". 
	You can find more information about both on our web site, URL's below.

 	Jacques Thollot's Quand le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter la Girafe a la Mer 1971 
	(on Futura) was reissued by Futura on CD in '96 (we're hoping to get his 
	remaining three albums on MIO) -

	MIO Records
I think it is also worth mentioning that Mio have the Complete Recordings of Urban Sax (Gilbert Artman) CD/DVD boxset slated for future release.

From the artist Bomis Prendin (www.bomisprendin.com)

Recent and forthcomming reissues

June. 2004

A lot of format changes and corrections. I tried to add comments to as many Artists and Labels as possible. Most are ridiculous brief, but it is a start. Added a Review sections, but am still working on the reviews (please ignore the half written entries). All the other changes I think are pretty obvious so no need to detail them here.

New and forthcomming reissues

Apr. 2004

First Quarter Reissues

Jan. 2004

This months Wire magazine (www.thewire.co.uk) has an article on Basil Kirchin by Alan Licht. Kirchin's Quantum album was a featured review in last August's issue.

Also in the Jan. issue of Wire is a letter to the editor from Stapleton and a list of his current favorite artists (perhaps the start of a new influence list).

Thanks to Stuart Roberts, who sent in a lot corrections and suggestions to my version of the list.

Dec. 2003
Late 2003 Reissues.

Oct. 28th 2003
got an email from Meidad Zaharia who runs MIO Records (www.miorecords.com)

	This week I released Birge Gorge Shiroc set of CD & DVD.
	I am going to reissue soon Philippe Besombes & Pole and in the
	past I made other artists from the NWW list:

	Magical Power Mako & Jean Cohen-Solal.

	You can direct people to MIO site which contain a short
	biography & samples.

Earlier 2003
Just want to bring attention all the reissues that came out in the not to distant past.