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The Nurse With Wound List

To collectors of unusual music the Nurse With Wound List is legendary. It contains the found gems of obsessive collector[1] and musician Steven Stapleton along with early Nurse With Wound members John Fothergill and Heman Pathak. The List was originally included with group's debut album and later amended with their follow up release. Since then the Nurse With Wound List (henceforth abreviated NWW List) has taken on a life of its own[2] independent of following the Nurse With Wound group.

The NWW List covers the period from the late 1960s to 1980 when serious[3] hybrids of avantgarde and popular music first became prevalent. It also covers a wide range of underground musical styles including krautrock, free jazz (improv), avantgarde classical, electronic, industrial, folk, aracho-punk, proto-punk, no wave, library music, and many more uncategorizable.

One thing that sets the NWW List apart from other collector lists is that it is not totally elitist. Yes there are ridiculouly obscure entries, but they sit beside releative widely known artists such as The Velvet Underground, Yoko Ono, John Cage, and Tangerine Dream. Even if this is your first time reading about the NWW List, you most likely have aready heard and liked something on the list. The multi-genre scope of the NWW List should also be appreciated. It gives fans of one type of music, for example punk, a stepping off point to explore something new, for example free-jazz.

A major shortcomming of the NWW List is that is only gives artists names. As expected, not every recording by the named artists are mindblowing. In some cases the releases are downright mediocre. Collector who blindly buy any album by the artists can testify to this. One of the primary purposes of this website is to point explores to the most wortwhile recordings by each of the artists. That journey begins in the Artists section.

The second major purpose of this website is to provide a path for moving beyond the NWW List. There comes a point when it will be more rewarding to look elsewhere than hunting down another obscure recording more renowned for its rarity than quality. An option provided on this website is to explore artists releated to those named on the list. The related artists and recommended recordings are listed the Artists section. Alternatively, following the labels who have released artists on the NWW List may be fruitful. The extrapolated NWW List of Labels can be found in the Labels section. The subsection on other artists (in the Artists section) is a guide to delve even further. It includes worthwhile artists that lack a direct connection to named artists of the NWW List.

This website also seeks to point out where you can buy the recordings. Links to shopping websites are provided in the search menu for each artists. Labels specializing in reissues are also spotlighted in the Label section. Since most of the recordings have been reissued, it is more informative to track those which remain out of print. That sublist can be found in the OOP section.

For more information on the NWW List, Nurse With Wound, and the kind of music on the list, please see the Links section. For miscellaneous content that doesn't fit anywhere else see the Misc. section. For those who are curious, this website has an About section. If this isn't your first time visiting, then you should check out the News & Updates section. In addition to website changes I usually point out new reissues and share comments I've received.

This webpage is very much an ongoing discovery so please feel free to share any comments or provide information that is missing (use the contact at the bottom of the page).


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